Don urges Buhari to base ministers’ appointment on integrity, merit, experience


Mr Bello Nassarawa, a Senior Lecturer at the Sokoto State Polytechnic, on Monday urged President Muhammadu Buhari to appoint cabinet ministers based on integrity, merit, competence, and experience.

Nassarawa, who gave the advice in a statement, noted that based on his campaign promises, the President should consider members of his new cabinet on qualification.

“In view of your recent campaign promises, policy for change and the fight against corruption, impunity, economic sabotage and other crimes against our people.

“I am compelled to suggest that appointment of your key officers should be based on integrity, merit, competence, experience and appropriate qualification.

“All the key officers to be employed by your administration should be trained on financial and the civil service regulations.

“As a product of international Alumni of a USA University, we can invite some Nigeria academicians residing in USA to come forward and make their own contributions,’’ he said.

Nassarawa, who has been advocating re-organisation of the civil service, urged the President to give priority attention to training of civil servants for advancement in research and development during his second term in office.

“There is need to cut down on the cost of governance so that all the loopholes that breed corruption will be blocked.

“The money saved should be used to empower our people through training and job creation.

“This will drastically reduce the level of poverty, begging and idleness in the country.

“As the President of the country, you will face a lot of challenges, the biggest, in my view, being corruption.

“The rule books have been thrown away and everybody is doing what he/her likes,’’ he said.

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